I am a UX Designer at Apttus, an enterprise software company. I take pride in making products delightful and intuitive. I started my career in the Hospitality industry and my natural inclination to empathize with people guided me into the world of design. My prior experiences include EchoUser, a SF based UX design and research firm, and startup companies. Outside of work, I organize a cross-cultural design meetup. I also enjoy cooking, traveling, writing about design and an occasional hackathon.

What I do

My UX design process consists of Discovery, Design and Evaluation. Here are some of my favorite UX design tools.

  • User Reserach

    User Research - Before designing, it is important to learn about the target users. Tools: user interview, diary studies, affinity diagramming

  • Conceptual Design

    Conceptual Design - This is an initial design phase after understanding the design problem and the target users. Tools: conceptual models, storyboarding, information architecture, user flows, sketching, whiteboarding

  • Interaction Design

    Interaction Design - It is best to tell a story when explaining how interactions for a design works. Tools: user flows, low, medium and high fidelity wireframes, and prototypes/interactive wireframes,Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, InVision, OmniGraffle

  • Visual Design

    Visual Design - To create a best UX, having a pleasant visual design is important because it sets a tone for the user; Even affect how the user perceive a complex task simpler. Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, design patterns

  • Evaluation

    Evaluation - Testing a design with an actual user provides a valuable insights. This should be done frequently, and after it is done, the design will be iterated based on the findings. Tools: usability testing, prototypes, Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation, A/B testing

  • Design Inspirations

    Design Inspirations - I am always in search for great design inspirations. I gain inspirations from reading articles, viewing other designers' works, experiencing new devices / services, attending Meetups, Hackathon and Design Jams.


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